Chatham Park will be comprised of 5 village centers. Chatham Park’s design fosters activity in its Village Centers, putting everyone in close proximity to shops, dining, entertainment and events. School sites are set, providing public and private options.


Chatham Park will become a destination for shopping, dining, and cultural activities designed for all ages. Chatham Park recently selected The Eco Group to develop the first phase of commercial property in the community. The start of Mosaic will occur in 2019.


The retail center will include a brewery, a grocery store, residential space, local specialty restaurants, and much more. Foodies will appreciate specialty restaurants, and beer lovers will be able to enjoy craft selections at local breweries.


The first area opening in 2017 is Penguin Place, a 14,000 sf center featuring The Root Cellar Restaurant, a second location of the popular Chapel Hill location. The Chatham Park location will have more outdoor seating and a stronger focus on dinner service with an expanded menu that will include seasonal flavors. They will also offer family dinner and Paleo family dinner programs. More retail and shops to be announced.


At Chatham Park, we believe that design and nature should live in harmony. That’s why we’re building around our most significant natural resources, not over them. Nearly 2,000 acres (one third of the whole Chatham Park community) of Chatham Park will be set aside for parks and open spaces, while 50-plus miles of walking and biking trails will offer direct access to nearby Jordan Lake and the historic Haw River. Take a break from the fast pace of modern life to relax and enjoy the development’s awesome outdoor offerings. Chatham Park is all about finding the perfect blend of “path” and “pavement.”


Trails, parks, and greenways will connect the surrounding neighborhoods. Imagine being able to hop on your bike and ride to your favorite restaurant or visit a friend in the next neighborhood. This will be the reality of Chatham Park. We’re building a system of interconnected greenways and trails, giving residents a chance to explore their entire community and everything it has to offer. Roads in Chatham Park will also be bicycle-friendly, allowing employees to choose how they commute to and from work each day. 


With one of the focal points of the North Village being an amphitheater, you’re sure to enjoy live music and entertainment. Whether you’re stopping by after work to listen to a local, upcoming artist or buying tickets to a well-known musician to see in the weeks to come, it’ll be right at your doorstep.


While Downtown Pittsboro will retain its charm, its residents will benefit from the new cultural hub just a few minutes away at Chatham Park. As new residents move to Chatham Park in the coming years, they will quickly discover the charm of historic Downtown Pittsboro. Local businesses will benefit from the influx of new customers, bringing more jobs and commerce to the community. Like Pittsboro, Chatham Park will embrace the arts, becoming a cultural hub for attractions such as concerts, performances, art galleries, and more.

As such, all tenants within Chatham Park will utilize art through public structures (such as bus stops), placement within their campus, architecture of their store front, or through their overall infrastructure and site design.



New residences will use green power generated from Chatham Park’s own solar farm. Chatham Park will partner with Chapel Hill’s Strata Solar to create a solar farm. The 50-acre farm will generate enough electricity to power 1,600 homes. Utilizing solar power is just another way that Chatham Park is dedicated to creating a sustainable, environmentally-conscious community. 

All buildings currently built will be LEED certified; new smart homes will be 30% more energy efficient than other area homes. Using guidelines set by the U.S. Green Building council, all Chatham Park buildings that have been built to date meet LEED certification standards on water use, energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions. Only the most energy-efficient materials and products were used. We will seek to attract businesses that share our commitment to developing and utilizing the latest smart technologies.  


Water is one of our most precious resources, and at Chatham Park, we’re committed to protecting and preserving it. That’s why we’re using the newest water conservation & wastewater treatment technologies available. These include:

Chatham Park is investing in the future by being the first community in Chatham County to install reuse water lines (purple pipe) throughout the entire development. While reclaimed water is not widely available in Pittsboro now, this will provide a sustainable source of water for irrigation and cooling of commercial buildings, among other uses, in the future. When reclaimed water is more readily available, all businesses and homes in Chatham Park will already have purple pipe in place for use.  

Chatham Park is planning to handle wastewater in a three-pronged approach. In the early phases of development, Chatham Park’s wastewater will be handled by the existing treatment plant in the Town of Pittsboro. To address future needs, The Town of Pittsboro is currently negotiating with the City of Sanford to treat some of Pittsboro’s wastewater. Third, Chatham Park plans to build a reclaimed water treatment facility to address sewer needs of early phases of development while the line to Sanford is under construction.


A decision to live at Chatham Park is an opportunity to enjoy life on the water. Located on the Haw River and next to over 46,000 acres of park land and water surface that comprise Jordan Lake’s recreational area, life at Chatham Park can include a wide range of activities from sailing and swimming to kayaking and motor boating.


A 25,000-square foot medical office building is now open and UNC Healthcare is seeing patients on a daily basis. A ten-bed hospice facility has opened and more than 100 jobs have already been created as a result of this office space.

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