Chatham County and Pittsboro Schools Crack Top Ten on Listing of Best Teachers in NC

By May 24, 2018 May 29th, 2018 News Feed

Becoming noticed as one of the best areas in the entire state for a child to get his or her education following high praise its annual poll of Best School Districts, the Pittsboro area and Chatham County Schools were listed as number 8 out of 115 school districts studied in the 2018 Best Teachers in NC rankings.

The actual rankings process for the ranking of the Best Teachers in NC took an in depth look at a total of 115 school districts across NC, and several points of note that would seem to have put the teachers in the Chatham County district firmly among the top ten would be what most consider the most important parts of a child’s education, a very high graduation rate and incredibly strong overall SAT and ACT scores, which all know weigh heavily into consideration among colleges once a student is ready to move on to that level of their education.

One Pittsboro resident backed up the top ten listing among Best Teachers in NC, stating in a review posted that, “Chatham County Schools supports students and its teachers and faculty are always there when students are in need of extra help or support. In all of my years in the Chatham County School System, I had very few poor teachers and many, many amazing ones.”

The experts at Niche went into further detail on how they arrived at the 2018 Best Teachers in NC rankings, saying on their website that they “ Explore the districts with the best teachers serving your area. They went on to tell that the “Rankings are based on student and parent ratings of teachers, teacher salaries, teacher absenteeism, teacher tenure, student-teacher ratio, and the Niche Academics Grade for the district.”

For more information on the 2018 Best Teachers in NC study, results and final listings or a more detailed explanation on how they come up with the final rankings, visit

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