Public Art Takes Center Stage In Chatham Park

By October 7, 2019 News Feed
Edwin White Art Penguin Place

A sculpture by Chatham County artist Edwin White in the center of the traffic circle on Russet Run in Chatham Park.

Art has a positive effect both socially and economically on a community and reaches across age, race, language, and socio-economic differences to provide a powerful way for people to engage with one another. Chatham Park believes public art will not only be part of our identity, but provide an important contribution to the legacy of art locally and nationally. Through a Chatham Park Art Program, provision, selection, funding, and maintenance of art will help to ensure artwork has a positive aesthetic and economic impact on the community.  

Night time lighting of the sculpture at Russet Run in Chatham Park.

Current Chatham Park Public Art 

Currently, local artist Edwin White has contributed two captivating art installations in Chatham Park. The Penguins in Penguin Place are not only eye-catching, they are part of a functional rain garden that captures and treats stormwater runoff. Mr. White’s other sculpture is in the round-about on Russet Run, and accent lightning is in the works which will add to the ambiance of the area at night. 

The Future Public Art 

Through a Chatham Park Arts Advisory Board that will work with the Chatham Park Development Review Committee, sculptures and other art installations will be selected to create

A sculpture by Chatham County artist Edwin White in Penguin Place.

a unique esthetic, and enhance the community with accessible, outdoor gallery experiences. Potential locations for future artwork may include streetscapes, gateway locations, greenways and  infrastructure such as bridges. Upcoming projects include:

  • A sculpture is currently in-progress to be placed at the new water reclamation plant on Business Route 64.
  • In summer 2020, Chatham Park will be building a roundabout on Northwood High School Road, which will provide a new opportunity for art. Chatham Park hopes to work with Northwood High School in the selection and placement of that artwork.
  • The Vineyards, the first residential community to open in Chatham Park, will have a roundabout on Vine Parkway that will provide an opportunity for community art. Chatham Park would go through the public art process with the Town of Pittsboro for selection and placement of this piece. 

Private properties, such as Penguin Place, will also have art installations as the sites are developed. Types of art that may be placed in Chatham Park may include: functional (such as bike racks), monuments, murals, integrated (such as retaining walls), sensory, and digital art. 



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