First Homes in Chatham Park will be Available for Sale This Month

By March 3, 2020 News Feed
Apple Pie Floor Plan

Chatham Park, in partnership with Fresh Paint by Garman Homes, announced on Tuesday, March 3, 2020 that public pre-sales for their first residential homes will begin on Thursday, March 19, 2020. Widely anticipated in the marketplace, purchase appointments will be available via invitation only, on a first come, first serve basis. 

The homes, aptly named The Cottages, will range from 828-1,397 sq. ft., with single story and two story plans, and be priced from the low $200’s. With names like “Hot Chocolate,” “Apple Pie” and “Chicken Noodle Soup,” the home plans offer unique, simple, nostalgic comfort to homebuyers. “We’re building to deliver an experience-rich, simplistic lifestyle,” says Rebecca McAdoo, Division President of Fresh Paint by Garman Homes. “More and more people are purging their clutter and desiring spaces that are artfully designed to the way they want to live. The Cottages will celebrate this lifestyle choice.”

The size and style of these homes are a direct response to a larger consumer trend showing that more people are desiring smaller homes in order to enjoy greater peripheral benefits, such as walkability and a greater sense of community. All of the Cottages will be walking distance from historic downtown Pittsboro and across The street from a new 10 acre town park, being built by Chatham Park, and Thales Academy school.

“The Triangle marketplace has never seen a home product like this. We are proud to be working with Preston Development Company on the Chatham Park project and believe that this up and coming community is the perfect place to showcase our new offering,” adds McAdoo. 

“The ultimate goal of Chatham Park is to create, what our future residents will consider to be, the perfect community and the perfect place for them to call home. That means doing things differently than they’ve ever been done before,” says Vanessa Jenkins, Executive Vice President of Preston Development Company, who is developing Chatham Park. “The Cottages will be the first of many unique neighborhoods here that will cater to niche lifestyle groups, such as minimalist living and artist studios, in order to create a community energized by an expansive diversity of perspectives and talents.”

To receive an invitation for a purchase appointment, interested parties will need to add their name to The Fresh Paint by Garman mailing list at

The Cottages will be move-in ready by October, 2020 and available for viewing at the Triangle Parade of Homes next fall.

To learn more, contact Fresh Paint by Garman Homes at 800.560.1160, or visit their website

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  • Jane Rego says:

    Finally, a forward-thinking community builder that is realizing that not everyone wants a huge house!

    Now, if I can only convince you to set aside a section of these lovely smaller homes designated for “over-55” people with options to “opt-out” of amenities that won’t be used by them.

    I have been looking for a very long time for an over-55 community with smaller houses and without the “amenities-galore” that builders seem to think we want (personally, I have no desire at all to ever put on a bathing suit again, and I sure don’t want to have to pay to maintain a pool I will never use).

    Please consider perhaps instead of offering amenities more suited to 30 year-olds, that you offer slightly larger lots with a bit of privacy and perhaps areas where we can plant a small flower garden. This is the kind of thing that appeals to many “over-55’s”. And, believe me, I have spoken to many who feel the way I do. This is a huge untapped market!

    So, Congratulations on your development, it sounds lovely, but please consider my suggestions – they would sell like hotcakes, and surely you have the opportunity in that huge development to find a nice private area suited for “over-55’s” only.

    Thank you and best of luck!

    • Chatham Park says:

      Jane, You’re in luck! Chatham Park will include a 55+ community as part of its future development! Stay tuned to learn more. At present there aren’t specific amenities associated with The Cottages subdivision. The park, which will across the street, is a public park being donated to the Town of Pittsboro. Let us know if you have more questions! The Chatham Park Team

  • I am interested in the Cottages both for myself and possible clients. Are there pictures, pricing and floor plans online to preview these homes?

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