German Family Business Selects Chatham Park

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Chatham Park is thrilled to introduce FRITSCH – one of the first businesses welcomed into the community in December 2016. Founded in 1920, FRITSCH is an independent family business with more than 100 employees worldwide based in Germany. They are an internationally respected manufacturer of application-oriented laboratory instruments for sample preparation and particle sizing in industry and research laboratories. We sat down with Melissa Fauth, President & CEO, Fritsch Milling & Sizing, Inc. (USA Division), to find out what attracted her to gorgeous Chatham County.

Why Chatham Park?

For their new location, the area had to meet certain requirements for FRITSCH. A close proximity to research institutions, diverse industries for collaborations and business interactions were key requirements. The developer’s vision also had to align with the values and culture of their parent organization in Germany and the goals Ms. Fauth will execute in America.  She adds, “The well-planned, long-term responsible philosophy for community, history, development, work, and life balance coexisting in a single area was instrumental as well.”

It’s a Family Affair

Mr. Fritsch is the third generation owner of FRITSCH. His two sons will soon be its fourth generation owners. The family travelled to North Carolina to open their new office in Chatham Park.  Vanessa Jenkins, Vice President of Chatham Park, and her team welcomed them to their new space in the U.S.A. As they arrived, Mr. Fritsch approached the front door that held his family name and was noticeably emotional.

“In all the imagining I have ever done of what a U.S.A. Headquarters could be like, this is more or better than I ever dreamed possible,” said Mr. Fritsch. It was a proud moment for both the family and the Chatham Park team. Ms. Fauth said it best, “To some it may just be a building, but to us, it represents the amazing family and culture that our business tradition has established over 100 years.”

Welcome to the neighborhood, FRITSCH family and team! We’re honored to have you and look forward to seeing you around town.

Photo (from left to right): Bradley Miller, Technical Support – Fritsch USA; Max Fritsch, Authorized Officer – Fritsch GmbH; Sebastian Fritsch, Authorized Officer – Fritsch GmbH; Melissa Fauth, President & CEO – Fritsch USA; Robert Fauth, Operations & Logistics – Fritsch USA

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