Plant Rescue in Chatham Park with the NCNPS

By April 9, 2018News Feed

For the past few years, Chatham Park has been working with the North Carolina Native Plant Society as they fulfill their mission of promoting the enjoyment and conservation of North Carolina’s native plants and their habitats through education, cultivation, and advocacy. Specifically, we coordinate with the NCNPS by allowing them to survey, identify, and relocate any plants native to this area before any construction is done. This spring, one of the treasures of the Triangle, the North Carolina Museum of Art, is benefiting from the work done from this volunteer society.

The NCMA is currently working on their woodland park and desire to remove any invasive and non-native plant materials and restore the area using native plants. Many of the plants being used for this are coming directly from the Chatham Park development. Even though most of the parcels being developed were farm land for many years, and then subsequently logged, there is still a good variety of native ferns, orchids, and flowers that are growing around Chatham Park and will now have an opportunity to flourish at the NCMA, Duke Gardens, and at the home gardens of many of the NCNPS members. The NCNPS has also been in discussions with our Landscape Engineers and Contractors to better plan what plants can flourish in their native North Carolina environment here in Chatham Park rather than choosing landscaping solely on looks or tradition. Many invasive species of plants to our state were planted with good intentions, but without the knowledge and experience of how those plants would affect the native environment. Through the efforts of groups like the NCNPS and others, these practices are being challenged and better plans are being made to ensure the native flora and fauna can flourish in Chatham Park.

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