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At Chatham Park, we believe a perfect community is one that employs clean and sustainable technologies to gain personal convenience and efficiency savings in resource consumption. To that end, Chatham Park is already setting the example in environmental sensitivity with its use of reclaimed water treatment systems, LEED-certified buildings, wider riparian buffers, a solar farm, LID stormwater treatments, water conservation, and energy conservation.

“Chatham Park is not just an up-and-coming community, it’s a model community of the future. Few developments of this magnitude aim to balance the latest in home innovations with environmental sustainability and stewardship,” says Steve Bowen at General Sales Manager at PSNC Energy.


Energy-Efficient Building
In Chatham Park all builders are and will be required to use energy-efficient materials and products. New homes will be expected to use 30% less energy than existing homes. Builders will achieve this by incorporating high-efficiency appliances, spray foam insulation, low-E windows, low-flow toilets, high-efficiency HVAC systems, and tighter building envelopes. We expect that, on average, Chatham Park homes will have a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rating of less than 70. Read more about the HERS index here.

Water as a Renewable, Recyclable Resource

Water is one of our most precious resources, and at Chatham Park, we’re committed to protecting and preserving it. Under the guidance of McKim & Creed, an environmental engineering firm, Chatham Park is developing a water reclamation facility that recognizes water as a renewable, recyclable resource – not a disposable product to used once and thrown away.

“We are in an area that is stressed by finite water resources, so the ability to preserve and extend the life of our raw water resources through reclamation is a huge benefit,” explains Tim Baldwin of McKim & Creed. “At the same time, our rivers, lakes, and tributaries can absorb only so much waste product. This facility offers an opportunity to save water at both ends of the recycling system: reclaiming the water for non-potable uses saves raw water sources, and using the water for toilet flushing and irrigation, rather than discharging it into a stream, keeps groundwater and aquifers recharged and minimizes impurities making it to our surface waters.”

Over time it is more cost-effective to reuse something, rather than manufacture something new. It has and will become increasingly more expensive to treat raw water for potable uses, so it will be economically beneficial to use reclaimed water for non-potable purposes.

Solar Farm

Power will be generated from Chatham Park’s own solar farm, owned and managed by Strata Solar. The 50-acre, 5 megawatt solar installation is projected to produce enough electricity to power 750 homes. “It’s extremely encouraging to see such a large developer commit to a model of sustainable growth. We hope that more communities follow in the example of Chatham Park and commit to a future powered by renewables,” says Shawn Blazer, a Development Associate at Strata Solar.

Natural Gas + SMART Metering
Through a partnership with PSNC, Chatham Park residents will have the ability to exercise more control of their day-to-day energy use than ever before by utilizing a state-of-the-art natural gas system. PSNC Energy is introducing SMART metering exclusively to the Chatham Park community, allowing residents to track their consumption and make more informed energy choices. “We are excited for Chatham Park residents to experience why natural gas is the fuel of choice for the comfort and convenience it provides,” says Steve Bowen, PSNC Energy’s General Sales Manager.

Using PSNC’s natural gas system, Chatham Park residents will enjoy the most energy efficient appliances and the lowest cost for cooking and heating. Natural gas-fueled tankless water heaters allow for instant and continuous hot water. Natural gas furnaces are able to produce heat that is significantly warmer than other fuel sources. Homes that use natural gas for heating, cooking and clothes drying save almost 900 dollars a year compared to homes using electricity for those applications. Additionally, natural gas achieves 92 percent efficiency, in comparison to electric-only use which maintains 32 percent usable energy.

Purple Pipe
Chatham Park is investing in the future by being the first community in Chatham County to install reusable water lines (purple pipe) throughout the development. While reclaimed water is not widely available in Pittsboro now, this will provide a sustainable source of water for irrigation and cooling of commercial buildings, among other uses, in the future. When reclaimed water is more readily available, businesses and homes in Chatham Park will already have purple pipe available.

As a sustainable community pioneer, Chatham Park will introduce a host of smart technologies, energy efficiencies and renewable resources – paving the way to a sustainable future.



Tim Baldwin of McKim & Creed

Shawn Blazer of Strata Solar

Steve Bowen of PSNC

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