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When was the first Chatham Park land acquisition?

The first tract of land for Chatham Park was acquired in January of 2006.

How big will Chatham Park be?

At final buildout, Chatham Park will cover 7,068 acres. In addition, Chatham Park currently owns over 1,000 acres that are adjacent to the current planned development.

When is the Chatham Park development construction beginning?

Construction began in September 2014 with the groundbreaking for a UNC MOB facility. Currently, UNC is occupying 25,000sf; UNC Hospice is open; and two additional office buildings are occupied. 14,000sf of retail called Penguin Place is now up and running with The Root Cellar officially open for business! House of Hops and Seagroves Nationwide Agency are excepted to open late spring of 2018.

When is Chatham Park expected to reach maximum buildout?

The entire Chatham Park project is expected to reach completion approximately 40 years.

What is the current zoning for Chatham Park?

Chatham Park is currently zoned for Planned Development District (PDD) that will include 22,000 residential units and 22 million square feet of non-residential space.

What will the project cost?

Chatham Park will cost over $15 billion. This includes infrastructure costs that will be approximately $1.8 billion (not including land value) over 35 years, with operation costs of $250 million over that same time frame. Chatham Park will pay for construction, water lines, infrastructure, etc., for the development. No tax dollars will be directly used to help build the development.

Where are we in the process?

The Master Plan for the Chatham Park Planned Development District was approved in June 2014, in December 2014 and 2015. Chatham Park submitted “additional elements” in May of 2016, The North Village Small Area Plan and Design Guidelines have been submitted. Every site plan has to be approved by the Town Board of Commissioners.

As part of the Master Plan, Chatham Park can develop 5% of residential space and 15% of non-residential space without having to follow standards provided in the Additional Elements and Small Area Plans. However, Chatham Park is requiring all proposed development to follow these standards prior to their adoption.

Where can I find all the current information on Chatham Park?

The most recent information on Chatham Park can be found at here on the website, and or at the Chatham Park office in Downtown Pittsboro, 79 Hillsboro Street.


When will construction on housing begin?

Lots for housing in Chatham Park will likely begin Fall of 2019.

What will be the starting price for houses in Chatham Park?

Houses in the initial residential sections of Chatham Park are expected to be priced in the $250,000 – $400,000 range.

Will Chatham Park include age-targeted communities?

Yes. The location and timeline for age-targeted/age-restricted communities may be announced in the near future.


How many schools will Chatham Park include?

Chatham Park will donate school sites approved by Chatham County to house both public and private schools. The school sites proposed are based on actual student projections, and the exact locations of these sites will be shown in the Small Area Plan.

When will the first school open in Chatham Park?

Thales Academy, a private K-12 school, will be the first school to open in Chatham Park and is planned to open for classes in the fall of 2020.


When will the first retail center open in Chatham Park and what will it include?

Chatham Park’s first retail space will open in the Fall of 2017.  Penguin Place will open with the Root Cellar Restaurant along with other retail tenants.

Will Chatham Park have high speed internet?

Yes. Chatham Park is currently in discussions with internet providers who would serve the community with broadband speeds of One Gigabyte per residential unit and Ten Gigabytes per business.

Will high speed internet serve Chatham County as well?

Internet providers will have an incentive to serve as many customers as viable, though newer neighborhoods located along the cable lines will be more cost effective to serve.

When will the trails throughout Chatham Park be built?

Trails and greenways will be built as the surrounding neighborhoods are constructed. The plans for these trails are to be shown in the Small Area Plan.

When and where will parks in Chatham Park be built?

As with trails and greenways, parks will be built along with the surrounding neighborhoods. The plans for these parks and greenways are to be shown in the Small Area Plan.

Will Chatham Park include any golf courses?

There are no golf courses currently planned for Chatham Park at this time.


What type of transit will Chatham Park provide?

Chatham County’s transit system includes routes that will run through Chatham Park as homes and roadways are built.

Will residents in Chatham Park be able to bike to work and shops in the community?

Yes. Roads in Chatham Park will be bicycle friendly, Chatham Park will be connected by trails and greenways.

When will the roads that connect the bypass to HWY 64 business be built?

Construction on this road was completed in 2017. The interchanges and ramps for Highway 64 are planned to be completed in 2018/early 2019.

Will Thompson Street be widened with the growth of Chatham Park?

Chatham Park will conduct traffic studies to determine the need for road widening and additional turn lanes in each area.


What is the Special Assessment District proposed by Chatham Park?

The current North Carolina law regarding Special Assessment Districts allows developments that provide infrastructure benefiting an entire region to be eligible for reimbursement through a special assessment, similar to an H.O.A. fee. Items that might be eligible in a Special Assessment District include roadways that connect and benefit the regions, wastewater plant upgrades and new plants, bus shelters, and trails.

Who will be assessed by the Special Assessment District?

Only property owners inside Chatham Park will be assessed by the Chatham Park Special Assessment District fees.


What is the environmental impact of Chatham Park?

The Chatham Park Master Plan, the Additional elements and the Small Area Plan to be submitted work in concert with existing Town, County, and State requirements to mitigate environmental impacts due to Chatham Park development. All future development has to comply with these standards prior to being able to begin construction.

How does Chatham Park plan to build an environmentally sensitive development?

Chatham Park is already setting the example in environmental sensitivity with its use of reclaimed water treatment systems, LEED certified buildings, wider riparian buffers, a solar farm, LID storm water treatments, water conservation, and energy conservation.

Will builders in Chatham Park be using the latest in energy saving material?

Yes. Builders in Chatham Park will be required to use energy efficient materials and products. Chatham Park’s new homes will be expected to use 30% less energy than existing homes. Builders will achieve this by incorporating high efficiency appliances, spray foam insulation, low-e windows, low-flow toilets, high efficiency HVAC systems, and tighter building envelopes. In addition, Duke Power and PSNC, respectively, have agreed to install smart electric and gas meters in every Chatham Park home. Smart meters have been shown to further reduce energy consumption by over 15%. We expect that, on average, Chatham Park homes will have a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rating of less than 70

Are buildings in Chatham Park being considered for LEED certification?

All buildings currently constructed and completed in Chatham Park are in the process of becoming LEED certified.

Where will Chatham Park residents and business get their water?

The Town of Pittsboro water treatment plant will supply Chatham Park with water from the Haw River and Jordan Lake. Currently, the Town gets 8.4 million gallons from the Haw River and will obtain 6 million gallons from Jordan Lake. At full buildout, Chatham Park will use 4.4 million of the Town’s 14 million gallons allotment.

Will Chatham Park use reclaimed water?

Yes. Chatham Park is the first community in Chatham County to install reuse water lines (Purple Pipe) throughout the entire project. This will provide a source of water for irrigation and for cooling commercial buildings, among other uses.

How will Chatham Park address wastewater needs?

Chatham Park is planning to handle wastewater in a 3-part approach. First, early phases of Chatham Park’s wastewater needs will be handled by the Town of Pittsboro’s existing wastewater treatment plant. Second, the Town of Pittsboro has an agreement with the City of Sanford to treat a portion of Pittsboro’s wastewater there. Third, Chatham Park plans to build a reclaimed water treatment facility to address sewer needs of early phases of development while the line to Sanford is being constructed.

Does the plan for Chatham Park include a Haw River buffer?

Yes. Information regarding the Haw River buffer can be found in the Chatham Park Master Plan.

How is Chatham Park planning to handle water quality protection in the Jordan Lake and the Haw River watershed?

All federal, state, and town regulations will be met for watershed erosion control. In addition, the Chatham Park Master Plan calls for wider riparian buffers, and more stringent storm water standards will be followed.

Will Chatham Park include a solar farm?

Yes. Currently, Strata Solar has a lease for a 5 MW solar farm.


Is the Town of Pittsboro required to provide municipal services to Chatham Park?

Yes. All of Chatham Park will be annexed into Pittsboro’s town limits. All municipalities are required to provide municipal services such as water, sewer, police and fire protection, trash pick-up, etc.

How will the Town handle the increased demands on water and sewer?

Chatham Park will pay for the water/sewer infrastructure, and the user fees will be used for the cost of maintaining the system once it comes online.

What will Chatham Park’s financial impact to the Town of Pittsboro be?

Chatham County Economic Development commissioned noted N.C. State economist Dr. Michael L. Walden to research and report on the projected economic impact of the Chatham Park development. Although the study provides projections for the county as a whole, Chatham EDC says economic impact models don’t typically drill down to the municipal level. Chatham Park is currently paying the Town of Pittsboro $300,000 per year to help mitigate the impact on Town services and facilities. Dr. Walden predicts that over 40 years Chatham Park will have an $80 billion impact on Chatham County, with a tax impact of $3.2 billion for the county. Upon completion, Chatham Park will generate $146 million of annual public revenues for the county. (All figures in 2014 dollar value)

How will Chatham Park impact property taxes of the surrounding areas?

There is no scientific formula for predicting future property values. As the Town begins collecting tax revenue from the businesses and residents in Chatham Park, the level of services and amenities provided by the Town is expected to increase.

When will the Additional Elements be submitted to the Town of Pittsboro?

Chatham Park submitted the Additional Elements to the Town on May 2, 2016.

When will the Small Area Plan be submitted to the Town of Pittsboro?

The Small Area Plan for the North Village of Chatham Park was submitted to the Town of Pittsboro in April 2017.


What type of businesses are expected to make Chatham Park their home?

Chatham Park is planned to become home to a broad spectrum of businesses, including high tech companies, research and development offices, medical care centers, lifestyle centers, as well as neighborhood and regional retail stores. NC State economist Michael Walden forecasts that at completion, Chatham Park will generate over 60,000 new jobs in Chatham County, and most of these businesses are expected to be small, local companies.

Will Chatham Park provide job opportunities for local workers?

Chatham Park is currently providing construction, medical, and general office jobs and will continue to provide employment for local workers. As Chatham Park grows, it is expected that more residents of Chatham County will be able to find employment here and not have to leave the county for work.


What is a "Smart Community" and what does that mean for Chatham Park?

Chatham Park fully embraces the Environmental Protection Agency’s 10 Point Smart Growth Principles. Chatham Park reflects a commitment to mixed uses, compact village centers, a wide range of housing, walkable neighborhoods, centers with a strong sense of place, preservation of extensive open space, development directed toward existing downtown Pittsboro, and a variety of transportation choices. The PDD allows for predictable decision making throughout the development life of the project, and provides multiple opportunities for a long term partnership between Chatham Park and the Town of Pittsboro.

What is the Chatham Park Compass Committee?

The Chatham Park Compass Committee is a strong and diverse group that represents a broad cross section of talent and experience in Pittsboro and Chatham County that is familiar with the wants, needs, and goals of the community, and thus could provide frank and constructive input for the Chatham Park team. The Compass Committee meetings intend to provide a forum for feedback and suggestions and action on a range of issues including, but not limited to, housing, jobs, local priorities, non-profit engagement, cultural events, K-14 education, infrastructure, and sustained community involvement.

How will Chatham Park affect Town culture?

The developers chose this space partly due to the availability of land, and partially due to the amenities and culture of the Town. While many residents will be moving to the area over the next several decades, it is anticipated that downtown Pittsboro will still retain its charm. The addition of residents might also lead to more interest in cultural attractions such as concerts, performances, stores, art galleries, movie theaters, etc.


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